Contract Staffing

In the present day market most companies are faced with issues like changing market demands, increase in government regulation, expenditure and profit ratio and work deadlines. We have the solution to help companies resolve these issues by providing them with professional and flexible work force to run their operation without hindrance. We offer contract staff on a time bound basis just for specific projects or assignments.

We provide clients with the flexibility to hire staff on specific projects for long-term or short-term assignments , so they are able to utilize them to the maximum for greater productivity. We have at a large contingent of trained workforce in all areas of software whom clients can depend on to complete all time bound projects without hiring them permanently. We have capability and expertise to handle all your contingent staffing needs.

The hiring process, training and benefits associated with hiring full time employees can cost well into the thousands of Rupees. Companies may not have the resources to go through this process when in need of workers for a critical but finite project. Hiring contract labor also saves money in the form of payroll taxes, as the independent contractor is responsible for paying his own payroll taxes to the Government.

Companies needing a specialized skill set for a finite or indefinite project may not wish to take the time to train new or current employees. They can hire contract skilled workers already experienced in the necessary competencies. One of the main benefits, next to cost savings, for hiring contract works involves the ease of separation.

Contract to Hire

Companies can use our Contract to hire staffing services to assess the candidate’s performance during the probation period before they are hired. By this process we ensure that only the best candidates are handpicked and pre-screened before they are absorbed in the company’s workforce. We make the employees go through rigorous background and credential checks ensuring that only the best candidates are sent to the company.

The advantage of contact to hire for the companies is that they can test the capabilities and skill of the candidate during the probation period and based on the output they can absorb him into the workforce.

This ensures that companies only take on board candidates who fit the requirement thus benefiting the companies resources.

RPO /In-Plant Support

With our unique RPO Model, client can outsource end to end recruitment activity to Cedron be it for the entire organization or any particular business/ project cedron will facilitate the recruitment process by providing skilled human resources, tools, technologies.

RPO Model can help dramatically reduce the costs associated with acquiring new talent so that the clients can focus on their core business at the sametime ensuring a supply of high quality workforce. A Cedron's RPO team will possess a deep familiarity with the ins and outs of the industry, a keen ability to determine whether a candidate will thrive in a given workplace environment, and an in-depth knowledge of available talent. Additionally, an experienced recruiter can help you to fill a position as quickly as possible, eliminating the inconvenience and high cost of keeping the position open for an extended period of time.Recruitment process outsourcing solution makes its possible to meet all your requirements.